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We are a group of young aspiring marketing/graphic designers with a passion to better the business world. Our designers has a strive for professionalism, modern graphic design concepts, and new marketing techniques. We come from different backgrounds which add uniqueness to how we work together in creating your masterpiece whether it may be as little as a letterhead or as large as a website.

The most vital aspect is the creation of a data map to determine precisely what information is available within our research and exactly where it resides. This is a process that begins before we embark on that first call.

We undertake all kinds of research and data mapping of projects for the HR Industry. Be it the classification of organizational structures and hierarchies of mid and senior level professionals across a particular industry, the indexing of resume data of CXO's across a particular sector or functional practice or just the names and phone numbers of all the employees of a rival company.

The research team at VHRS are well trained professionals adept at the craft of sourcing classified information with uncanny fervor, rigor and persistence

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