LIFE AT VOLTECH: From simple domestic power solutions to state-of-the-art Power Plants, Voltech is impacting the lives of ordinary people from rural villages to mega cities. With its presence across several sectors such as Power, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing and Electronics, Voltech touches people’s lives in more ways than they could imagine. Being part of Voltech lets you be part of a truly cosmopolitan work culture, embracing technology, innovation, cutting edge-research and best business practices to make life simpler for the whole of humanity. Boasting a strong environment-centric approach to its culture, Voltech competes to remain at the forefront of new and efficient technologies that preserve and sustain the environment for future generations.

  Individuality in Diversity: Within its strong team-spirit, the company promotes individuality in its employees in coming up with their own ideas, approaching problems differently, and fostering a culture of communitarian inclusivity within a diverse and multi-faceted work environment.

  4000 Unique minds and perspectives: People at Voltech are smart, professional, innovative, and prudent risk-takers. That is why Voltech actively seeks out individuals with more than just new ideas. We want to see those ideas gain form and fruition.

We know how disruptions can change the face of the world in no time. That is why we constantly look to diversify into new Business areas, while continuing to actively invent and bring fresh discoveries in the businesses where we operate. Whether it is our team games, sports and activities that marks crucial days in our calendar, or our mind-wrenching puzzles and quizzes, or simply a conversation that sparked a train of thought in our mess halls and canteens, we constantly interact with each other, across cross-functional teams, cascading a high-achieving culture that flows across our rank and file. Our work-philosophy is defined by openness, honesty, integrity and inclusivity.

“Nobody gets left behind or left out. I take care of everyone in my team. To each according to his skill, to each according to his work. I bring out the best in my employees by identifying their gifts and talents, and synergizing it with our team-spirit to shape every project.”- M. Umapathi (Chairman cum Managing Director- Voltech Group)

  Our world is one: Diversity is the driving force of our ideals. This is why we attach unequalled importance to our equal opportunity policy in recruitment. Irrespective of gender, age, race, caste, religion, or disability, we scour for talents from every human domain. We want to be a change driver in society and business, which is why we need people who can push for change.