HR Intiatives

Every year, VOLTECH HR alone trains close to 36 batches of 30 candidates, in an in-house programme, followed by a written test, and subsequent deployment in field. Candidates who do not meet these requirements are given further training and mentoring before they are inducted.

VOLTECH HR team ensures close to 100% induction rate for shortlisted candidates. Being a result driven effort, we strive for 100% pass rate in all programmes, creating a much more involved environment and atmosphere where individual attention and mentoring is given to trainees as well as the inclusion of a continuous evaluation system whereby trainees’ progress and competencies are assessed systematically throughout the duration of the programme.

VOLTECH HR team comprises of 15 specialists whose areas of interest focuses the training efforts across 8 key areas. The 15 specialists are certified professionals with relevant field experience and practical knowledge, and impart training consistent with the best training standards of the Industry. The HR training Programme is an ISO certified programme that meets international standards in all aspects of its curriculum, pedagogy and delivery. The eight key areas of focus are the following:

  •   Stress Management
  •   First Aid Training
  •   Safety Training
  •   Environmental Management & Conservation
  •   Motivation
  •   Self-Assessment
  •   5-S
  •   Six-Sigma

In addition to its skill-development activities, the employees are periodically provided with refresher course as well as new training programmes to keep them at the cusp of every new technological breakthrough in the industry. It is a direct consequence of these efforts that has seen its most tangible results in the commercial and technological successes that VOLTECH’s Engineering and Renewable Energy divisions have enjoyed in the recent years.

We particularly focus our efforts in maintaining and upholding employee satisfaction at the workplace, increasing employee engagement, and reducing turnover. Field based employees are regularly trained and given refresher sessions to engage them in direct communication with the head office, where such interactions also provide an adaptive feedback system which works in tandem with the existing functions of the Department.

Reducing near miss incidents and workplace accidents are another important function of these activities, with employee injuries and fatalities being routinely associated with contributing factors such as stress, fatigue, poor training, lack of knowledge of technical aspects of the work, poor levels of motivation, and ineptness in first-aid recovery procedures. The Safety wing of the HR team, engages the field Engineers continuously both on-site as well as off-site, at all domestic and international locations to ensure that such incidents are minimized, and completely eliminated.

VOLTECH HR mentors individual trainees, with the active involvement of the heads of various divisions, who are among the most elite and experienced professionals within the field. VOLTECH employees are not just exposed to the domestic market, but are also brand ambassadors for the company in more than the two dozen locations where its presence is felt, from the far-east, to the near east and Africa, as well as continental Europe.